My name is Alexandre, I graduated from a chiropractic school in France in 2016.  I have since traveled by bike from France to Asia and given a lot of Chiropractic care on the road.

I am in Albania now and I plan to bike all around the world and work as a proper humanitarian organization.  I will be able to do chiropractic treatments from Europe to Asia and perhaps even further. I will start with the Syrian refugees in Greece and Turkey and then help disadvantaged people in many countries along the way.

I just received the Thuli Extremity Drop at the hostel, thank you very much! I am ready to start my world chiropractic bike tour and I am so excited!

Here are some wonderful pictures of Greece in the mountains, this is an amazing country.  Have a great day!

Facebook page “World Chiropractic Bike Tour”
-Alexandre Chassagne