My Sport has served me and the US Military very well for many years.  It has traveled over 200,000 miles on an airplane, been used in many battles, and has been strapped to the top of an armored personal carrier more times than I can count.  By last count, I have used this table to rehab at least 400 permanently disabled soldiers and put them back to fully active status before they returned home.  So these 400 guys went home without a single disability, which has been my life’s greatest work.  The table has also treated 600 other soldiers injured in the line of duty, over 200 of which were injured by IED’s, and it has held up to at least 50,000 adjustments since I got it so many years ago.

When I would treat on base, soldiers would line up for hours before I got there and I would treat until they were all seen, usually a little over 150 soldiers per session.  I did this for 14 months as a volunteer, and I can say it was the best thing I have ever done with my life.  I will try and find some photos of me with my Thuli Sport on my back with the back pack straps.  The straps were made for it by the Australian SAS, as I got tired of dragging it the 1 mile onto base every time.  So, one night we shared a coffee and a cigar and they made the straps for the table.

So far my Thuli has seen the many different types of people.  I have adjust at least 40 different ambassadors from different countries, countless generals, and pentagon officials, three presidents from different countries, and a few royal people.  As far as I can tell, I am the first official chiropractor to work for the United Nations, and definitely the first official chiropractor (who is not in the military) to officially treat on a base as a chiropractor in a war zone.

Thanks for constructing such a durable and well designed product – I couldn’t have done my work without such a great table!

-Brent Musolf