Trip to Haiti

Posted in: Customer Stories- Dec 19, 2017

I was part of a medical team that included medical doctors, dentists, a pediatrician, OBGYN, ophthalmologist and nurses.  Approximately 20 members on this particular team.  Approximately 600 to 750 local residents attend the mobile clinic which lasts all day Friday and Saturday morning.  The people are screened and sent to the appropriate physician.  As you […]

Solo Practice with Sport Portable

Posted in: Customer Stories- Dec 01, 2017

Hello from Germany, I just wanted to tell you how well my Thuli Sport is doing a year after starting up a solo practice. I wanted to open up as economically as possible and the Sport was the best choice to meet this end. I know guys who have opened up with tables that cost […]

Pregnant Women Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Posted in: Customer Stories- Oct 10, 2017

Lindsay was in labor, with broken waters and slow progression, for nearly 24 hours when her midwife and doula reached out for a late-night chiropractic support.  A gentle adjustment on my Thuli Tour Portable with Abdominal Swing Away to restore her normal pelvic structure and motion released unnecessary uterine and pelvic floor tension, facilitating the […]

Rehab in the Military

Posted in: Customer Stories- Sep 24, 2017

My Sport has served me and the US Military very well for many years.  It has traveled over 200,000 miles on an airplane, been used in many battles, and has been strapped to the top of an armored personal carrier more times than I can count.  By last count, I have used this table to […]

Best Regards from the Bavarian Alps

Posted in: Customer Stories- Sep 05, 2017

Today the replacement vinyl pieces arrived and I immediately installed them on the table.  What I should say, it’s Perfect!  I am a big fun to adjust with Thuli Tables, I like it…! Best regards from the Bavarian Alps, -Frank

Zambia Medical Mission

Posted in: Customer Stories- Aug 05, 2017

I just returned from a 3 week medical missions program to Zambia. On my two previous trips I used a portable table from a different manufacturer and eventually had to support it with two plastic coke bottle containers as it eventually broke. This time I used one of your tables. 1010 patients later, including over […]

A Table for Champions

Posted in: Customer Stories- Jul 06, 2017

The first picture is from the Para Pan American Judo Championships a couple weeks ago in Brazil. This is Marissa before she won silver. The second picture is Ron getting adjusted at the World Blind Games in Seoul in 2015. He recently took gold at the Para Pan Ams. The last picture is Dartanyon getting […]

World Chiropractic Bike Tour

Posted in: Customer Stories- Jun 06, 2017

My name is Alexandre, I graduated from a chiropractic school in France in 2016.  I have since traveled by bike from France to Asia and given a lot of Chiropractic care on the road. I am in Albania now and I plan to bike all around the world and work as a proper humanitarian organization. […]

Help after 2016 Louisiana flooding

Posted in: Customer Stories- Sep 15, 2016

Intense and prolonged rainfall in Louisiana resulted in catastrophic flooding, leading to a state of emergency.  But my Thuli Tour Table is still standing strong, and yesterday  I adjusted over 75 people who were working hard to get their houses back together.  Thanks Thuli!!! Bill Higginbotham