Portable Drops

Pediatric Drop


Adjusting babies or small children? We’ve got you covered. This drop is designed with the smallest humans in mind! Adjustable tension, adjustable strap, adorable colors.

Extremity Drop/Speeder Board

Extremity or Speeder

Whether you’re adjusting extremities or practicing technique, both feature a crisp, straight drop with adjustable tension. Thuli Tables was asked by Palmer College in 1982 to design the Speeder, and it has been used in colleges and clinics worldwide ever since!

Tall Extremity Drop

Tall Extremity

Want a tall cushion for adjusting extremities? Due to popular demand, we developed the Tall Extremity Drop with a 5″ cushion height. Meeting the needs of chiropractors once again!

Portable Headpiece


Two crisp drops in one headpiece! With both straight and forward motion drops, you can utilize a variety of cervical adjusting techniques. Use it in a clinic or on the go!

Lumbo Pelvic Drop


Use drop technique wherever you are! The Lumbo-Pelvic Drop is ideal for pelvic, lumbar, thoracic and extremity adjusting.

Double Cushion Drop

Double Cushion

The space between the cushions provides a comfortable recess for protruding bones when adjusting extremities. Features the Thuli crisp drop.

Carrying Bag

Carrying Bag

Easily transport a Portable Headpiece or Lumbo-Pelvic Drop. Our custom-sized carrying bags Include additional room for those inevitable extras!

Customer testimonials

I bought 2 Extremity Drops from you and I just wanted to say how much I use them, how effective they are and how much I appreciate having bought them. Well done on a neat little tool.

Dr. Nick Hilton

“My Speeder Boards look and work as good as new after thousands and thousands and thousands of uses!”

Dr. Gary Hartwell

I’ve been using the Drop Board for the last 5 years to adjust foot & ankle and it’s absolutely a great tool and has made manipulation easier. Highly recommended!

Dr. Abdulrhman Saleh

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