We have an amazingly talented team dedicated to making the best chiropractic tables on the market.  Here they are!

Rick Thuli, D.C.
Rick Thuli, D.C.Co-Founder & Co-Owner
Rick designed and built his first table in 1984, while attending Palmer College of Chiropractic. His thoughtful and creative understanding of the design process, coupled with his first-hand knowledge of chiropractic techniques, has resulted in a line of products that stand in a class of their own! In his free time, Rick enjoys golfing with family and friends.
Lauren Thuli
Lauren ThuliCo-Founder & Co-Owner
Lauren has been part of the business since its inception. She has been instrumental in growing Thuli Tables into an international business that values direct communication with its customers. She makes sure that the business is running smoothly on all fronts. Also an artist, Lauren aspires to introduce a line of paintings for chiropractic offices!
Jessica Office Manager
Jessica (Thuli) Wieczorek is continuing the family-owned business into the next generation! The vast majority of our orders are through referrals from satisfied customers, as a testament to the quality of our products and great customer service. In her free time, Jessica enjoys doing home remodel projects and being a Mom.
JeffProduction Manager
Jeff is our awesome production manager, and has been working here for over 25 years! Table parts are engineered and milled by experts, including Jeff, resulting in optimal table performance. In his free time, he enjoys spending time outdoors.
JimAccessory Lead
Jim is an assembly specialist and takes pride in making sure that everything is built to your exact specifications. In his free time, he loves to write and record original music.
ZacharyWood Shop Manager
Zachary is the wood shop production manager and makes sure that every piece meets our high standards. He runs the computerized CNC router to produce parts that are extremely accurate in all dimensions. In his free time, Zachary enjoys photographing insects, playing synthesizers, and being a Dad.
Mickey is an expert seamstress and does all of the sewing for our production. The tailored upholstery accentuates the beauty of our products. She enjoys quiet time alone when she gets the chance!
DanWood Shop Lead
Dan has been working on Thuli Tables’ wood parts for nearly 30 years. Every wood component goes through many machine operations and is sanded by hand before varnishing. In his free time, Dan enjoys reading, fishing, and hunting.
EliInventory Manager
Eli is our inventory management specialist, making sure that we’re always stocked with supplies so we can meet and exceed customer lead times. Eli enjoys hiking and watching Premier League (soccer) games.
MichelleSupport Specialist
Michelle helps with the assembly process as well as shipping and receiving. She keeps things running smoothly and is quick to smile and laugh! In her free time, Michelle enjoys thrift shopping and photography.
RyanAssembly Specialist
Ryan assembles tables to our high standards and brings his positive, can-do attitude to every job he takes on. In his free time, Ryan loves to cook, and is an Italian chef extraordinaire (you should try his panzerrati)!
BradleyAssembly Specialist
Bradley’s attention to detail and dedication to each step of the process ensures that our customers receive a table that exceeds their expectations. In his free time, Bradley enjoys golfing, landscaping around his home, and creating art.
ZachMachine & Parts Specialist
Zach makes component parts to our tables, using CNC machines and lathes. He also keep the machines running smoothly so that our parts are as accurate as possible. In his free time, Zach enjoys fixing cars and remodeling his house.
AlexAssembly Lead
Alex is in charge of assembling tables, ensuring that every table is built to include the customers’ options. He makes sure that lead times are met or exceeded for each order. In his free time, Alex is an avid Cyclo-Cross racer and enjoys doing projects and remodeling his home.
DeanPortable Drop Lead
Dean assembles all of our portable drops – including Speeder Boards & Extremity Drops, Portable Lumbo-Pelvic drops, Portable Headpieces, and others that we’re continually designing. In his free time, Dean enjoys reading, fishing, and hunting.
JonCNC Specialist
Jon helps keep the wood shop and CNC router running when our production needs are high. He has been working on Thuli Tables for nearly 30 years! In his free time, Jon enjoys building cabinets, dressers, and other wooden items – he is a woodworker at heart!
TalFinishing Specialist
Tal applies a high-quality varnish to all of our wood products to protect and bring out the natural luster of the Red Oak and Black Walnut. He owns a flooring business on the side and enjoys living a simple country life.
PeteSocial Media & Digital Marketing
Pete takes the lead on content creation and strategy for all social media platforms, as well as online marketing initiatives. He also works closely with Thuli Tables Brand Ambassadors and other cross-promotional collaborations. In his free time, Pete enjoys exploring and being active in the outdoors.