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Stationary & Portable Reliable Versatile Beautiful Low-Maintenance

Starting Your Chiropractic Practice

Build your dream practice with Thuli.

Your new practice deserves the best, there’s no question about it. Investing in a Thuli table ensures your clinic has reliable, beautiful, and high-quality equipment from day one. Our tables are low-maintenance, letting you focus on patient care without frequent repairs (saving you time & money).

Enhance your practice with Thuli’s superior craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, creating a welcoming environment and giving your patients’ the best experience possible.

  • Reliable & versatile

  • Affordable

  • Beautiful design & aesthetic

  • Low-maintenance

“I’ve had 2 Thuli tables over my 30+ year career. Why only 2? Because they last, they endure the workload, they are sturdy and built with quality.

The quality speaks for itself and the customer service at Thuli is professional and efficient. This is your place if you want products that last.”

– Dr. Russel Andrews

Your Practice Deserves the Best

How you invest in your business is one of the most important decisions you have to make when starting a practice. At Thuli Tables, we guarantee to supply you with the highest quality equipment available. All for an affordable price.

300 Stationary Table in Clinic

A Sound Investment

Thuli tables are a solid investment for your new practice, offering exceptional durability, quality, and functionality that will pay off for years to come.

300 Stationary Chiropractic Table in Clinic

Enhanced Patient Experience

With their elegant appearance, Thuli tables will instill a comforting and inviting ambiance to your clinic setting, complementing your fine chiropactic care.

Tour Chiropractic Table in Clinic

Reliable & Hardworking

Thuli tables are as reliable and hardworking as you are, ensuring you can deliver top-notch care every single day. If you ever have an issue, our customer support team is always here to help.

Browse Options for Your Clinic

No weight limit Reliable Versatile Easy to transport Quick set-up

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Sport Portable Table

Portable Tables

Thuli Tables offers state-of-the-art portable tables, each meticulously designed for high performance, versatility, and durability. The Tour is an excellent choice for a first table in a new practice!

Tour Portable Table

Stationary Tables

Thuli Stationary Tables are true workhorses that last a lifetime. All of our tables are hand-crafted and aesthetically beautiful, instilling a comforting ambiance in your clinic.

Tour Portable Table

Elevation Tables

Thuli Tables offers high-end elevation tables. A Swiss-engineered motor ensures smooth & quiet movement, and the multi-functional sections offer exceptional versatility. Choose from a variety of models!

Tour Swing-Away

Flexion Distraction

The ingenious F.D. Device offers smooth, gentle & ergonomic manual operation for Sport and Tour portable tables. Easy to attach & detach. Lateral Flexion is also available on the Tour.

Tour Swing-Away

Pregnancy & Pediatric

Thuli Tables understands the importance of care for pregnant women, infants, and kiddos. Our products are designed to optimize their comfort and facilitate your exceptional care.

Tour Portable Table


Thuli Tables accessories offer a great way to enhance patient comfort and make it easier on yourself. From pillows to carrying bags, there are plenty of accessories to choose from!

Chiro’s Who Started Their Clinic with Thuli

Kairos Clinic Chiropractic Office

Dr. Jordan Gale

Kairos Chiropractic

Middleton, Wisconsin

“When planning my studio build out, I knew I was going with Thuli Tables because they not only came highly recommended, but they had options that fit my aesthetic perfectly.

I love how customizable they are, where high quality and function meets beautiful design. The swing away option for pregnant women was essential for my practice, enabling me to provide the highest level of care to the people I serve.

Best decision ever.”

Kairos Chiropractic

Business Owner

Middleton, Wisconsin

Starting my own clinic, I chose Thuli chiropractic tables because of their unmatched quality and beautiful design. They have proven to be a great investment, requiring minimal maintenance while delivering exceptional performance. I knew Thuli tables were the best choice for my career, enabling me to provide the highest level of care to my patients. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”

Tour Portable Chiropractic Table with Walnut Base in Clinic
300 Stationary Chiropractic Table

Homecoming Retreats

Traveling Retreat Organization

United States

“Extremely versatile with five drops, multi-positional headpiece, and foot extension. Oak or walnut wood. Upgrades include adjustable legs, flexion distraction, and elevating base. Many accessories available.”

“Extremely with five drops, positional headpiece, and foot extension. Oak or walnut wood. Upgrades include legs, flexion distraction, and elevating base. Many accessories .”

Perfect for Any Stage of Your Career.

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