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Prices include all table features listed below. Many upgrades and accessories are available.

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300 Stationary Table

300 Stationary

Includes four drops (two cervical, thoracic, and pelvic), multi-positional headpiece, hand-cocking and foot extension. Choice of oak or walnut wood. Prefer this style without drops? Check out our Treatment Tables.

Total Price: $2,000

300 Swing-Away

300 Swing-Away

With the same features as the 300 Stationary, this table has a swing-away section for pregnant women and those with a little extra around the belly! Interchangeable soft thoracic section included. Oak or walnut wood.

Total Price: $2,525

500 Stationary Table

500 Stationary

Includes four drops, multi-positional headpiece, curved thoracic section, foot-cocking, foot extension & elevation, and multi-positional sections to accommodate pregnancy. Choice of oak or walnut wood.

Total Price: $3,100

300 Incline Table

300 Incline

With the same features as the 300 Stationary Table, it also includes an 8° incline. Perfect for adjusting cervicals while standing up, and the pelvis at a lower angle. Choice of oak or walnut wood.

Prices: $2,250

Treatment Tables

Treatment Tables

No need for drops on your table? We’ve got you covered! Choose between three different models. Perfect for a variety of treatment modalities. Choice of oak or walnut wood.

Prices: Starting at $800

Why choose a Thuli table?

Skilled Craftsmanship at Thuli Tables

Skilled Craftsmanship

Our innovative tables lead the industry in design and functionality, thanks to founder Rick Thuli, D.C., and a team of skilled craftspeople. Engineered to the highest standards, our tables are exceptionally durable and reliable, and have withstood the test of time and rigorous use worldwide.

We pay attention to even the smallest details to ensure that you can use our tables with confidence year after year!

Proudly made in the USA for over 40 years.

Unsurpassed Beauty

Our tables are not only renowned for their superb functionality, but also for their unmatched beauty!

With their elegant appearance, they will instill a comforting and inviting ambiance to your clinic setting, complementing your fine chiropractic care.

Thuli Tables is your partner in excellence!

300 Stationary Thuli Table
Thuli Tables Facility

Our Holistic Approach

Our commitment to health and sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our tables, from raw material selection to final assembly.

We use high-quality, locally sourced materials and prioritize the use of safe, non-toxic components to ensure the well-being of practitioners, patients, and our employees.

Gentle on people and the planet.

Great Customer Service

Whether you are just learning about our products or have used one for a long time, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are eager to help with any questions or needs you may have. Give us a call and connect with a real person immediately! Prefer email? We reply promptly and personally.

And our technical support, if needed, is always free of charge.

We are here for you!

Thuli Tables Customer Service

What chiropractors are saying . . .

I have several Thuli tables! They have amazing value. They are easy to maintain and work on myself. And better than that, is their EXTRAORDINARY customer service! In a world where customer service is so rare, Thuli Tables Inc has been outstanding, personable, and generous. Thank you very much Thuli Tables Inc!

Dr. Robert Rubino

I ordered a stationary table from you in Sept and have been using it for the last four months. I wanted to tell you that I LOVE IT!!! It is the nicest adjusting table I have had. I ordered with the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar drops. The craftsmanship and quality is A+++. Again, just wanted to thank you very much for a great product.

Dr. Douglas Babbitt

Very rarely does anything in life truly live up to the “build up” that is placed upon it. I have been a chiropractor for 20 years. Graduated from Palmer in 2002. I have wanted one of your tables since I graduated. The table that has come to me exceeds my expectations, transforming me from an expert-level body mechanic to an artist and a craftsman. Thank you for this.

Dr. Joseph Byus

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