300 Swing-Away

Let’s get comfortable!

Pregnant women and those with a little extra around the middle can comfortably lie prone again by adding the Abdominal Swing-Away to the 300 Stationary!  With a beautiful Red Oak or Black Walnut frame and up to four crisp drops, this table will serve you well for years to come.


Standard Features
  • Oak Construction
  • Abdominal Swing-Away
  • Thoracic Drop
  • Pelvic Drop
  • Interchangeable Chest Cushions (Soft & Firm)
  • Headpiece Flexion, Extension & Elevation
  • Headpiece Straight Drop & Forward Motion Drop
  • Prone Arm Rest
  • Ankle Rest Extension
Optional Features
  • Walnut Construction
  • Headpiece Lateral Motion
  • Ankle Rest Elevation
  • Crescent Arm Rest
  • Comfort Pillow
  • Headpiece Extension Pillow
  • Bolsters
  • Side Arm Rests
  • Custom Logo
  • Cord Cover

Standard Features

  • Flexion:  0 – 20°, Extension:  0 – 15°
  • Vertical Elevation:  0 – 6.5” (0 – 16.5 cm)
  • Straight Drop: & Forward Motion Drop
  • Drop height: Standard 0.54″ (13.7 mm) or Short 0.35” (9 mm)
  • Adjustable tension
  • Lateral Motion (optional): 0 -20° right,   0 -20° right
  • Compound angle possible, locks into position
  • Cushions are adjustable in width at front end
  • Contoured cushions
  • Paper Hanger, Hold-Down & Tear-Off Bar
Prone Arm Rest
  • Adjustable position
  • Optional Crescent Arm Rest  (see Accessories)
Abdominal Swing-Away
  • Swing-Away from 0 – 7”
  • Locks into position along arc
  • Operates from one side of the table (patient’s right while prone)
  • 9” x 16.5” (23 x 42 cm)
Thoracic Drop
  • Drop height of 0.7” (17.5 mm) at front
  • Cocking levers on both sides of table
  • Adjustable tension control on one side of table (patient’s right while prone)
  • Stainless steel plunger (with compression spring) in high density polyethylene housing
  • 6.5” x 20”  (41 x 51 cm)
Pelvic Drop
  • Drop height of 0.7”  (17.5 mm) at front
  • Cocking levers on both sides of table
  • Adjustable tension control control on one side of table (patient’s right while prone)
  • Stainless steel plunger (with compression spring) in high density polyethylene housing
  • 20” x 20”  (51 x 51 cm)
Interchangeable Chest Cushions
  • Firm cushion for Thoracic Drop adjusting (extra firm optional)
  • Soft cushion for chest comfort
  • Quickly interchangeable
  • Secure magnetic hold
  • 5” x 20” (17 x 51 cm)
Ankle Rest Extension
  • Adjustable Extension:  0 – 11″  (0 – 28 cm)
  • Adjustable Elevation (optional):  0 – 6″  (0 – 15 cm)
  • Locks in any position
  • 7″ x 20″  (18 x 51 cm)

Optional Features

Headpiece Lateral Motion (optional)
  • Lateral Motion:  0 – 20 right,  0 – 20 left
  • Locks in any position
Ankle Rest Elevation (optional)
  • Adjustable Elevation:  0 – 6″  (0 – 15 cm)
  • Adjustable Extension (standard):  0 -11”  (0 – 28 cm)
  • Lock in any position
  • 7” x 20”  (18 x 51 cm)

Dimensions & Weight

 Length68” – 79″  (173 – 201 cm) with Ankle Rest extended
 Width20”  (51 cm)
Weight75 – 95 lbs  (34 – 43 kgs), varies with options
Table FrameRed Oak, Interlocking joints, Durable varnish
Foam2.5” (6.5 cm): 1.5″ soft foam laminated to 1″ firm foam
UpholsteryTailored sewn Naugahyde


Color Choices: Standard & Custom

NOTE: Your computer settings may affect the accuracy of the colors shown.

Click here to see photos of the Custom Colors on our tables.

Standard Colors



Navy Blue


Custom Colors

Adobe White







Dusty Jade


Emerald Green


Olive Green

Yew Green


Blue Ridge

Capri Blue

Sky Blue

Royal Blue

Deep Violet



Dark Cherry


Sun Yellow

Mandarin Orange

Golden Corn


Table Height

Choose one height from 16 – 31 inches (40.6 – 78.7 cm).   Not adjustable.

The table height is the distance from the floor to the top of the table’s cushions.  To determine the best height for you, we recommend that you measure from the floor to the bottom or middle of your patella with shoes on.  Please also take into consideration your body proportions and adjusting style.

video-play-button  Watch our Video:  Choosing a Table Height



300 Stationary - Operation Video

300 Stationary:  Operation Video

Dr. Thuli demonstrates the features and operation of the 300 Stationary.

300 Stationary Abdominal Swing-Away

300 Stationary:  Abdominal Swing-Away

Dr. Thuli demonstrates the operation and features of the 300 Abdominal Swing-Away.



We build all products at our facility in Wisconsin.  Completion time varies, so please contact us for the current lead time.  We offer a Rush Service if needed.  Please inquire for details.

The shipping cost and transit time varies with location.  Please contact us with your full delivery address and we will promptly provide you with a quote.

International Sales:   Our shipping cost does not include import duty and taxes, which are determined at the time of custom clearance.  Every country uses a different formula for calculating the import duty and taxes, which are based on the value of the products ordered.  These fees are payable to the shipping company prior to delivery.  Brokerage fees are included in the shipping cost, except for UPS Standard Service to Canada and US Postal Service shipments.


Table Features

$ 2525Standard Features
350Walnut Construction
275Headpiece Lateral Motion
100Ankle Rest Elevation


$ 25Prone Arm Rest Shields
175Crescent Arm Rest
175Side Arm Rests
150Comfort Pillow
75Headpiece Extension Pillow
5020″ Bolster
5524″ Bolster
125Custom Logo

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