Hello from Germany,

I just wanted to tell you how well my Thuli Sport is doing a year after starting up a solo practice. I wanted to open up as economically as possible and the Sport was the best choice to meet this end. I know guys who have opened up with tables that cost ten times as much, but at the end of the day do exactly the same thing as the Sport with a pelvic drop.

I have used it almost every day and now that I am getting busier in my practice I am really glad I bought it. The new patient I just adjusted was easily a muscular three hundred pounds but the Sport handled the weight even with a side posture adjustment (and inspired me to write about the table to you.)

I thought the Sport would just be a stop-gap until I saved enough for a Tour but really it’s all I need for now, which will let me save up a little longer for a top of the line Tour.

All the best to you folks at Thuli and Merry Christmas!

Rob Lightner, Germany