Lindsay was in labor, with broken waters and slow progression, for nearly 24 hours when her midwife and doula reached out for a late-night chiropractic support.  A gentle adjustment on my Thuli Tour Portable with Abdominal Swing Away to restore her normal pelvic structure and motion released unnecessary uterine and pelvic floor tension, facilitating the normal progression of birth.  Almost immediately following the adjustment, Lindsay noticed her contractions increased in frequency and intensity, and a couple hours later she welcomed baby Scarlett peacefully into her arms.   We believe all expectant moms should receive chiropractic care for a more comfortable pregnancy and prepare their body for birth.  But chiropractic should also be available at every birth, for every mom and every baby, everywhere. Until then, we will continue to make late-night visits for our patients.  And we will continue to use our Thuli table to do so!

-Ian Shtulman