I was part of a medical team that included medical doctors, dentists, a pediatrician, OBGYN, ophthalmologist and nurses.  Approximately 20 members on this particular team.  Approximately 600 to 750 local residents attend the mobile clinic which lasts all day Friday and Saturday morning.  The people are screened and sent to the appropriate physician.  As you can imagine, lots of people suffer from back pain.  I saw approximately 150 people in all and I use instrument adjusting primarily, (Arthrostim) as well as some manual adjusting and the fantastic pelvic drop piece.  (I am a big fan!)  I was also able to treat almost everyone on the medical team which was a first for most of them.  The feedback from the medical staff was very positive as was the feedback I received from the local people.  Many of them told friends and family members after Fridays clinic and they showed up on Saturday wanting an adjustment.

The team goes out to a different location every 4 to 6 weeks so my plan is to develop a team of chiropractors to go to Haiti on a rotation basis.  I think it would be great to have a Chiropractor on the team every time they go out.   For more information about the mobile medical clinic, you can read about it at http://www.wflhaiti.org/mobile-health-clinic/
Thanks for building such a great table!  I really enjoyed using it and I’m sure it will serve us for many years. Who knows, perhaps someday we will need another table down there for 2 docs to work off of!
Brian Jensen, DC