Portable Tables

  • A table just for kids! The newest table in our line, the Junior, is designed to accommodate a child’s body proportions. It is a modified, mini-version of our Tour portable table, so it is extremely versatile and has already stood the test of time (35+ years)! Consider a fun, multi-colored table!
  • Decades of proven performance!

    The Tour Portable has been our signature table since 1982.  Its unsurpassed design & quality craftsmanship has withstood rigorous use by thousands of students and chiropractors worldwide.  With ingenious upgrades available, the Tour is ready for anything when you are! Choice of Red Oak or Walnut wood
  • The Sport is built to the same rigorous standards as all of our tables.  We combined a simple design and easy set-up to make a high quality, lightweight portable table.  To add increased versatility to the Sport, our ingenious Flexion Distraction Device can be added at anytime.  An excellent value all around!
  • Let's get comfortable!

    Add the Abdominal Swing-Away feature to the Tour and pregnant women and those with a little extra around the middle can comfortably lie prone again! Choice of wood: Red Oak or Black Walnut
  • Manual traction on a portable table?  Yes!

    This ingenious Flexion Distraction Device offers gentle, smooth and ergonomic manual operation.  It is easy to attach to the Tour and also detaches quickly so you can take it on the road.  A customized Travel Case provides maximum protection.  Upgrade at anytime to include Lateral Flexion. Choice of Red Oak or Walnut!
  • Manual traction on a portable table?  YES!

    This ingenious Flexion Distraction Device is quick and easy to attach to the Sport and offers gentle, smooth & ergonomic operation.  It also quickly disassembles for portability.  Available for all Sports with table heights of 18″ or greater.
  • Add manual traction to a Tour or Sport!

    With its gentle, smooth and ergonomic operation, your patients will greatly benefit from this invaluable treatment.  If you already own a Tour or Sport, it may be possible to add Flexion Distraction (see requirements below).  Another unique & innovative Thuli design!
  • Side to side traction with compound angles.

    Add Lateral Flexion to the Flexion Distraction Device and now all angles are possible.  Ingeniously retrofits to Tours built after 2001.  Locks at any angle.  Gentle, smooth and ergonomic operation. Please note that the Lateral Flexion unit is not portable.
  • Up / Down at the touch of a foot pedal!

    Ingeniously converts the Tour portable to an elevating table in minutes.  Simply fold the Tour legs in their storage position and mount it to the Conversion Base using four hand-turned knobs.  Detaches quickly when the need for a portable table arises. Do you own our 300 Stationary table and want to convert it to an elevating table?  The Conversion Base may be possible to add (depending on year built). Contact us for details.
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