New Products!

We are continually designing new products to serve your needs.  Due to popular request, we recently introduced the “Tall” version of our Extremity Drop.

  • Complement your chiropractic adjusting table!

    This wide elevation table can be used for a variety of therapies and/or massage. It is extremely comfortable while also offering excellent support. Available in two widths (24" or 29"). The touch of a foot switch allows each patient to be optimally positioned, while maintaining the health of your back. Accessories add increased versatility.
  • You asked and we responded!

    Introducing... Prone Arm Rest Shields.  Slip a durable cover over each Prone Arm Rest foam grip.  Offers a plastic, non-porous surface that can be easily sanitized between patients.  Available for all Thuli tables.
  • Carry with ease!

    The Shoulder Strap provides an easy way to carrying your Tour or Sport portable table.  The adjustable strap allows for carrying at your side of over your shoulder. The soft shoulder pad is included for additional comfort. Can be added to a the table at any time.
  • Both drops feature a crisp, straight drop with adjustable tension.  The difference is the cushion surface. The Extremity Drop (with a flat cushion) is ideal for adjusting shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, etc.  The Speeder (with a raised "bump" on the surface) is a valuable tool for students to practice their adjusting technique. Designed by Dr. Thuli in 1982 while attending Palmer College, these drops have withstood the test of time and will serve you well!
  • The Double Cushion Drop has two parallel cushions. The space between the cushions provides a comfortable recess for protruding bones while adjusting wrists, ankles, and elbows. A great complement to our Extremity Drop!
  • Adjusting babies or small children? We've got you covered!

    This drop is designed with the smallest humans in mind.  The contoured cushion cradles the head while the strap allows the drop to sit on your chest, hand-free, while you hold baby during the adjustment.  Adjustable tension allows for a gentle pressure, even for the the youngest and smallest. Available in our standard colors and some fun, kid-approved colors!
  • A table just for kids! The newest table in our line, the Junior, is designed to accommodate a child’s body proportions. It is a modified, mini-version of our Tour portable table, so it is extremely versatile and has already stood the test of time (35+ years)! Consider a fun, multi-colored table!
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