• Extra support, extra comfort

    The Crescent Arm Rest provides cushioned forearm support for the patient while lying prone and is easily adjustable in height for individualized comfort.  Available for all Thuli tables and can be added at anytime.
  • You asked and we responded!

    Introducing... Prone Arm Rest Shields.  Slip a durable cover over each Prone Arm Rest foam grip.  Offers a plastic, non-porous surface that can be easily sanitized between patients.  Available for all Thuli tables.
  • Ultra soft for patient comfort!

    The Comfort Pillow provides maximum facial and cervical comfort for your patient in both the prone and supine positions.  For individualized comfort, the cushions are easily adjustable in width.  With its unique design, the base easily inserts between the headpiece cushions on all Thuli tables.
  • Elevate & Support

    Bolsters offer extra height and support for ankles and/or knees during exams and adjustments.  Available in two sizes.
  • Extends the surface of the headpiece when raised.

    Adding extra support for the patient’s head during side posture and anterior pelvic adjustments, the Extension Pillow quickly attaches to and detaches from the headpiece.
  • Taller table in minutes.

    Do you need a taller table for activator, soft tissue work, ultrasound, etc?   Bring the Tour to a second working height of your choice, with no compromise in table stability.  The Height Raising Legs attach in minutes.
  • Wider Table in Seconds

    Do you sometimes need a wider table for larger patients or certain treatment modalities?  The Side Arm Rests are the perfect answer!  They attach quickly and increase the table width in the upper table region.  Available only on specific tables and must be ordered at the time of table (cannot be retrofitted).
  • Zip & Go!

    The Accessory Bag is ideal for transporting table accessories and portable drops, with some additional room for those inevitable extras!  It is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, carrying handle and front zipper closure.  Made of weather-resistant Cordura nylon.  Lightweight and durable.
  • Away you go!

    The Protective Cover provides lightweight, weather-resistant protection for the Tour & Sport portable tables when on the road or during storage.  Use with our customized Pull Cart for ease of transport.
  • Carry with ease!

    The Shoulder Strap provides an easy way to carrying your Tour or Sport portable table.  The adjustable strap allows for carrying at your side of over your shoulder. The soft shoulder pad is included for additional comfort. Can be added to a the table at any time.
  • Protected in the skies!

    Off to a seminar?  Home for the holidays?  The Airline Travel Case protects the Tour & Sport portable tables during air travel.  Quick to load.  The colorful straps make identification easy at the airline luggage claim.  Add your logo for a personal touch!
  • Modern & Sophisticated

    Thuli Tables has commissioned artwork for the wall, consisting of beautifully silk screened images on black laminate. These pieces will impress your patients with the value and meaning of chiropractic, as expressed from antiquity to the present day. The definitions are technically thorough, yet easy for patients to understand.  The clear Illustration of the Spine is visually attractive and assists chiropractors to explain their review of findings. Choose from a single plaque or create your own set.  Each piece measures 9” x 22” x 0.75” thick.  Ready to hang.
  • A commitment to your profession.

    The Chiropractic Oath eloquently describes your dedicated commitment to your patients’ well being.  This handsome document is screen-printed on gold foil and comes ready to hang, with a gold metal frame and double matting.  It measures 14″ x 14″.  Ready to hang - a great gift idea!

    Oath Text:

    “To hold in esteem and respect those who taught me this Chiropractic healing art; to follow the methods of treatment which according to my ability and judgment I consider for the benefit of my patients; to abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous; to stand ready at all times to serve my fellow man without distinction to race, creed or color. With purity I will pass my life and practice my art; I will at all times consider the patients under my care as of supreme importance; I will not spare myself in rendering them the help which I have been taught to give by my Alma Mater; I will keep inviolate all things revealed to me as a physician. While I continue to keep this oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy my life and the practice of the Chiropractic healing art, respected by all men at all times.”
  • Organized & Protected

    After quick disassembly, each part of the Flexion Distraction Device is snugly protected in die-cut foam compartments.  Lightweight, yet rugged for car or air travel.  How about adding your logo for a personal touch?
  • Lighten your load!

    This lightweight, customized Pull Cart carries the weight of the Tour or Sport for you.  The strap securely holds the table to the cart and, with the large wheels, navigating curbs and stairs are effortless.  Fits in the overhead luggage compartment after check-in.  You’ll find other uses for this handy Pull Cart, too!
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