Elevating Conversion Base (Tour and 300)

Up / Down at the touch of a foot pedal!

Ingeniously converts the Tour portable to an elevating table in minutes.  Simply fold the Tour legs in their storage position and mount it to the Conversion Base using four hand-turned knobs.  Detaches quickly when the need for a portable table arises.

Do you own our 300 Stationary table and want to convert it to an elevating table?  The Conversion Base may be possible to add (depending on year built). Contact us for details.


Standard Features
  • Metal Base
  • 10” Vertical Elevation
  • Travels at 1” per second
  • 650 lbs capacity
  • Tour attaches & detaches quickly
  • Retrofits to all Tours after 1990
  • Retrofit Kit available for 1990-1999 Tours
  • Retrofit Kit available for 1995-current 300 Stationary
  • When table is mounted to Conversion Base, you can not use the Abdominal Swing-Away, Tour Flexion Distraction or Lateral Flexion
  • Permanently converts the 300 Stationary into an elevating table
  • Eligible for IRS Disabled Access Tax Credit
Locking Wheels (optional)
  • Swiveling & locking
  • Non-marking
  • 3″ diameter polyurethane
Cord Cover (optional)
  • Protects & conceals the on-floor electrical cord

Elevation Motor Details

Vertical Travel0 – 10” (0 – 25 cm), Quiet & smooth
Vertical Speed1” (2.5 cm) per second
Weight Capacity650 lbs (409 kgs)
Electrical120 or 230 Volts
Foot PedalElectropneumatic foot pedal – Black (one)
ConstructionSwiss-engineered & manufactured, Aluminum telescoping columns, Worm-geared linear drive
Electrical Cord10 ft (3 m) with ground – Grey
Cord Cover6 ft (2 m) long – Grey (optional)

Dimensions & Weight

Length:Base: 53” (135 cm). With Tour attached: 66” – 72″ (168 – 188 cm) with Ankle Rest Extended
Width:Base at widest point: 19” (48 cm). With Tour attached: 20” (51 cm)
Weight:Metal: 130 lbs (59 kgs), Oak or Walnut: 144 lbs (65 kgs). With Tour attached: 195 – 210 lbs (88 – 95 kgs)
Choice of BaseMetal, Oak or Walnut (shroud over Metal)
Conversion Time:Less than 5 minutes to attach or detach Tour to Conversion Base

Table Height

The height is the distance from the floor to the top of the table’s cushions when the Tour is mounted to the Conversion Base.  The Conversion Base has a vertical range of 10″ and is electrically controlled by a foot switch.  Choose from the height options below.

Height Range (without Wheels):  19” – 29” /   20” – 30”  /  21″ – 31″  /  22″ – 32″

Height Range (with Wheels, Metal Base):   19.5″ -29.5″  / 20.5″ – 30.5″  /  21.5″ – 31.5″  /  22.5″ – 32.5″

Height Range (with Wheels, Wood Base):   19″ – 29″  /  20″ -30″

video-play-button  Watch our Video:  Determining the Table Height



Tour Conversion Base - Operation Video

Conversion Base:  Operation Video

Dr. Thuli demonstrates how to mount the Tour Portable to the ingenious elevating Conversion Base.


We build all products at our facility in Wisconsin.  Completion time varies, so please contact us for the current lead time.  We offer a Rush Service if needed.  Please inquire for details.

Transit time is 1 – 10 business days, based on the destination address.  For a shipping cost, please contact us with your full delivery address and we will promptly provide you with a quote.

International Sales:   Our shipping cost does not include import duty and taxes, which are determined at the time of custom clearance.  Every country uses a different formula for calculating the import duty and taxes, which are based on the value of the products ordered.  These fees are payable to the shipping company prior to delivery.  Brokerage fees are included in the shipping cost, except for UPS Standard Service to Canada and US Postal Service shipments.

Box size:56” x 26” x 16”  (143 x 66 x 41 cm)
Weight:175 – 185 lbs  (80 – 84 kgs)


Tour Elevating Conversion Base

$ 2200Metal
200Locking Wheels
25Cord Cover
275Retrofit Kit for 1990-1999 Tours

300 Elevating Conversion Base

$ 2400Metal
200Locking Wheels
25Cord Cover

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