Stationary & Elevation Tables

  • Elegant & Solid

    Handsomely crafted from Red Oak with precision engineering, the 300 Stationary is a great value! With up to four crisp drops and an extremely versatile headpiece, this table will serve you well for years to come.
  • Beautifully designed, practically engineered!

    With the touch of a foot switch, you can optimally position each patient while maintaining the health of your back.  The 350 Elevation has the same functional features as its sister table, the 300 Stationary.
  • An Elevating Treatment Table!

    This elevating treatment table is useful for a variety of treatments while maintaining the health of your back! The 4500 Treatment table is extremely comfortable while also offering excellent support. Available in two widths: 24 and 30 inches (60 and 76 cm). Wood or Metal base. The touch of a foot switch allows each patient to be optimally positioned. Accessories add increased versatility. Take your treatment services to the next level with this beautiful treatment table.
  • Let's get comfortable!

    Pregnant women and those with a little extra around the middle can comfortably lie prone again by adding the Abdominal Swing-Away to the 300 Stationary!  With a beautiful Red Oak or Black Walnut frame and up to four crisp drops, this table will serve you well for years to come.
  • Timeless & Classically Beautiful

    The 500 Stationary has been our signature office table since 1988.  With a curved Red Oak frame and extremely versatile in function, it stands in a class of its own.
  • In a class of its own!

    Sophisticated and classically elegant, the 500 Elevation table is unparalleled in visual appeal. Ergonomically contoured wooden frame. Pelvic section incline comfortably accommodates pregnant women.
  • Sophisticated Metal Table

    The high-tech 650 Elevation is extremely versatile with an ergonomically contoured thoracic section for patient comfort. The Swiss-engineered lift offers smooth & quiet vertical height adjustability at the touch of a foot switch. Now you can optimally position each patient while maintaining the health of your back!
  • Up / Down at the touch of a foot pedal!

    Ingeniously converts the Tour portable to an elevating table in minutes.  Simply fold the Tour legs in their storage position and mount it to the Conversion Base using four hand-turned knobs.  Detaches quickly when the need for a portable table arises. Do you own our 300 Stationary table and want to convert it to an elevating table?  The Conversion Base may be possible to add (depending on year built). Contact us for details.
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