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Our physical therapy tables are the perfect compliment to your clinic. Plus, they last a lifetime. What’s better than that?

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Choose the perfect table for your clinic​

2000 Treatment Table

2000 Treatment

A beautiful, straight forward table with a face slot and optional shelf & drawer, the 2000 Treatment table is perfect for all physical therapy clinics.

3000 Treatment Table

3000 Treatment

With a headpiece that flexes & extends, ankle rest extension and optional shelf & drawer, the 3000 Treatment table is a true workhorse and ready when you are.

4500 Treatment Table

4500 Treatment

With the touch of a foot pedal, the 4500 Treatment table raises & lowers, allowing you to work at the best height for different patients & techniques.

Why a Thuli Treatment table?

Aesthetically beautiful

Your clinic and patients deserve the best. With an elegance that outshines other tables on the market, Thuli tables will bring your clinic to life.

Lasts a lifetime

Our physical therapy tables are crafted by skilled woodworkers using solid hardwood and high quality joinery, ensuring that your investment will last for years to come.

Quick turnaround time

Need your table soon? We’ve got you covered. Let us know your timeline and we’re on it!

2000 Treatment Table with Drawer

2000 Treatment features

  • Durable

Solid construction, no weight limit – this table is an easy choice for any clinic!

  • Elegant

Designed to enhance your clinic, this table will “wow” your patients and help deliver a positive experience.

  • Customizable

Choose the height, width, upholstery color, wood choice, and add storage options. Make it yours!

3000 Treatment features

  • Versatile

With a headpiece that flexes & extends and an ankle rest extension, this table offers individualized support for each patient.

  • Comfortable

Patient comfort is key, which is why we design all of our tables to be extremely comfortable and supportive.

  • Storage Options

Add a shelf or drawer for convenient access to your day-to-day supplies.

4500 Treatment Table

4500 Treatment features

  • Adjustable height

Work at the ideal height for each client – with the touch of a foot pedal, the 4500 Treatment table raises and lowers smoothly & quietly.

  • Solid & durable

This elevating table can accommodate even your heaviest patients (650 lb weight limit).

  • Reliable

High quality Thuli construction and a Swiss-engineered motor ensures reliable and maintenance-free operation.

Customer testimonials

These tables have not just been a valuable addition to our clinic, but they have significantly elevated the patient experience and the level of care we can provide. Immensely satisfied and highly recommend Thuli Tables to other professionals in the field!

Dr. Erica Poyauan

Great customer service and wonderful products! I have used Thuli Tables for 14 years in practice. 100% recommend!!

Dr. Joel Gustav Hund

We are pleased for the great service since the first moment! Communication, shipping on time, and the table quality is excellent! Very well done and functional, and the customized color is beautiful. Thank you!

Dr. Marcela Moran

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