Both the Sport and Tour portable tables are built with precision engineering and are extremely solid. Here are their similarities and differences . . .



The Sport is a more basic table and weighs less.

Headpiece: Flexes & extends

Thoracic Section: Contoured cushion
Drops Available: Pelvic
Ankle Rest Extension: Optional
Upgrades & Accessories: See chart below

Sport vs. Tour Comparison Video
Sport Operation Video
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The Tour is functionally more versatile and weighs more. It features a Red Oak frame.

Headpiece: Flexes & extends, Raises vertically, Multi-positional, Two drops (Straight & Forward Motion), Adjustable cushions at the front end, Detachable for use as a portable headpiece

Thoracic Section: Optional Drop & Incline, no contour
Drops Available: Cervical (2), Thoracic, Pelvic & Caudal
Ankle Rest Extension: Standard
Upgrades & Accessories: See chart below

Sport vs. Tour Comparison Video
Tour Operation Video
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