Manual traction on a portable table?  Yes!

This ingenious Flexion Distraction Device is quick and easy to attach to the Sport and offers gentle, smooth & ergonomic operation.  It also quickly disassembles for portability.  Available for all Sports with table heights of 18″ or greater.


Standard Features
  • Oak Construction (Legs)
  • Headpiece Flexion & Extension
  • Prone Arm Rest
  • Contoured Thoracic Section
  • Flexion Distraction Device
Optional Features
  • Walnut Construction (Legs)
  • Pelvic Drop
  • Ankle Rest Extension
  • Crescent Arm Rest
  • Comfort Pillow
  • Side Arm Rests
  • Bolsters
  • Protective Cover
  • Pull Cart
  • Airline Travel Case
  • Flexion Distraction Travel Case
  • Accessory Carrying Bag
  • Custom Logo

Standard Features
  • Flexion:  0 – 42°, Extension:  0 – 32°
  • Contoured cushions:  2” thick  (0.5” soft foam laminated to 1.5” firm foam)
  • Paper Hanger, Hold-Down & Tear-Off Bar  (One roll of 8.5″ headpiece paper provided)
Prone Arm Rest
  • Adjustable position
  • Optional Crescent Arm Rest (see Accessories)

Flexion Distraction
Flexion Range
  • 14″ – 17” Sport height:  Flexion Distraction not available
  • 18” Sport height:  0-10 degrees
  • 19” – 21” Sport height:  0-11.5 degrees
  • 22” – 24” Sport height:  0-14.5 degrees
  • Locks at any angle
  • Pelvic Drop can be used at any angle
  • Flexion Distraction can be added to all Sports with table heights of 18″ or greater
Device Details
  • Smooth, gas spring mechanism
  • Star Base:  21″ diameter – Choice of Black, Red Oak or Walnut
  • Hardwood, ergonomic operating knob (3.25″ diameter) – Choice of Black, Red Oak or Walnut
  • 5 specialty wheels, smooth operation
  • (2) 10 lb leg counterweights provided
  • Disassembles quickly for compact transport
Conversion Time
  • Attaches to or detaches from Sport in one minute
Accessories recommended
  • Comfort Pillow for proper patient positioning
  • Plastic office mat (on all floor surfaces) for optimal rolling performance and to prevent potential wheel markings (readily available at retail stores)
Upgrade / Retrofit Kit
  • Flexion Distraction can be added to all Sports with table heights of 18″ or greater
  • Retrofit Kit necessary for Sports prior to July 2013
Travel Case
  • Black, durable corrugated plastic construction
  • Custom die-cut, low abrasion foam for maximum protection of component parts
  • Straps secure case closed (Blue, Red, Yellow or Black)
  • 26″ x 25″ x 8″,  6 lbs.

Optional Features
Pelvic Drop (optional)
  • Drop height of 0.75” (19 mm) at front
  • Cocking lever on one side of table  (patient’s right while prone)
  • Adjustable tension control on one side of table  (patient’s right while prone)
  • Stainless steel plunger (with compression spring) in high density polyethylene housing
  • 10.75” x 20”  (27 x 51 cm)
Ankle Rest Extension (optional)
  • Adjustable Extension:  0 – 13”  (0 – 33 cm)
  • Locks at any position
  • 3.5” x 20”  (9 x 51 cm)

Table Specifications
Length 65” (165 cm), 68.5 – 81.5” (174 – 207 cm) with optional Ankle Rest Extension
Width 20” (51 cm)
Height 14”- 24”  (36 – 61 cm), Choice of one height (not adjustable)
Folded Size 29” x 7.5” x 21” (74 x 19 x 53 cm)
Weight 37 – 46 lbs (17 – 21 kgs), varies with table options
Foam 1.5” (38 mm) thick, medium firm, high resiliency foam
Upholstery Tailored sewn Naugahyde

Table Height

Choose one height from 18″ – 24″,  non-adjustable.
Please note:  A table height of 18″ or greater is needed to add Flexion Distraction.

The table height is the distance from the floor to the top of the table’s cushions.  To determine the best height for you, we recommend that you measure from the floor to the bottom or middle of your patella with shoes on.  Please also take into consideration your body proportions and adjusting style.

video-play-button  Watch our Video:  Choosing a Table Height
NOTE:  Your computer settings may affect the accuracy of the colors shown.
Standard Colors


Navy Blue


Custom Colors  ($100)

Adobe White










Dusty Jade


Emerald Green


Olive Green

Yew Green


Capri Blue

Sky Blue

Royal Blue


Deep Violet




Tea Rose


Dark Cherry


Sun Yellow

Mandarin Orange



Crescent Arm Rest

Provides comfortable forearm support for your patients while lying prone.  Easily adjustable and attaches in seconds.


Comfort Pillow

Maximizes facial and cervical comfort for your patient in both the prone and supine positions.  Easily adjustable, variable in width.  Highly recommended for proper patient positioning when using Flexion Distraction.


Protective Cover

Provides excellent protection while traveling by car or foot and works great with the Pull Cart.  Add your business logo for a personalized touch.


Pull Cart

Transporting your table is easy with this strong, lightweight and compact Pull Cart.  You’ll find other great uses for it too!


Airline Travel Case

Traveling by air?  The Sport is well protected in this easy-to-load case.  Choose colored straps for quick identification at the baggage claim.  Add your business logo for a personalized touch.


Flexion Distraction Travel Case

The Flexion Distraction Device quickly disassembles and each component part is individually protected during car or air travel.


Accessory Carrying Bag

A convenient way to transport your table accessory. Custom-sized, lightweight, durable and equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap.


Custom Logos

Personalize your Sport, Protective Cover or Travel Case with your business logo (or any image of your choice).  Simply provide us with a digital file and we’ll take care of the rest!

Videos / Photos


Sport Portable - Operation Video
Sport Portable:  Operation Video

Dr. Thuli demonstrates the features and operation of the Sport.

Sport Portable - Setup Video
Sport Portable:  Set-Up Video

Dr. Thuli demonstrates how to most efficiently set-up the Sport.

Sport Portable - Fold-Up Video
Sport Portable:  Fold-Up Video

Dr. Thuli demonstrates how to most efficiently fold-up the Sport.

Flexion Distraction Option for Sport Portable
Sport Flexion Distraction

Dr. Thuli demonstrates how to attach and operate the Flexion Distraction Device.


Sport Portable Table with Flexion Distraction from Thuli Tables
Sport Portable Table with Flexion Distraction from Thuli Tables
Sport Portable Table with Flexion Distraction from Thuli Tables
Sport Portable Table with Flexion Distraction from Thuli Tables
Sport Portable Table with Flexion Distraction from Thuli Tables
Sport Portable Table with Flexion Distraction from Thuli Tables
References Shipping
We build all products at our facility in Wisconsin.  Completion time varies, so please contact us for the current lead time. We offer a Rush Service if needed.
Shipping time is 1 – 10 business days.  For a shipping cost, please contact us with your delivery address and we will promptly provide you with a quote.
International Sales:  UPS will serve as the broker to clear customs.  Our prices do not include import duty and taxes, which are determined by the country of import and are based on the value of the products ordered.  These fees are payable to UPS prior to delivery.  Brokerage fees are included in the cost of shipping (with the exception of UPS Standard Service to Canada).
Shipper UPS
Two Boxes 31” x 8” x 26”  (79 x 23 x 66 cm)
24 x 24 x 8″  (61 x 61 x 21 cm)  FD
Shipping weights 43 – 51 lbs  (20 – 23 kgs)  Sport
38 – 58 lbs  (17 – 26 kgs)  FD with leg weights

Student Group Discounts:  Tour & Sport Portables

Quantity Discount (includes accessories)
     2     4%
     3     6%
     4 – 9     8%
    10 – 19    10%
    20 +    10% + 25% on 1 accessory
Discounts do not apply to custom color or shipping cost.

Ordering Process


  • Please complete one of the following order forms and include your group’s name:
  • Email or Fax your completed form to: / 608.935.9192
  • When we receive all of the group’s orders, we will calculate the appropriate discount and email your order to you.
  • To confirm your order, please contact us with your payment information.  Although the payment is not processed until one day prior to shipping, this information is necessary to place your order into our production schedule.

Table Features

$ 1850 Standard Features, Oak Legs
100 Walnut Legs
50 Oak or Walnut Flexion Distraction Base
200 Pelvic Drop
50 Ankle Rest Extension
100 Custom Color


$ 165 Crescent Arm Rest
150 Comfort Pillow
175 Side Arm Rests
75 Bolster (2.75″)
75 Bolster (4.25″)
60 Protective Cover
75 Pull Cart
175 Airline Travel Case, Lightweight
275 Airline Travel Case, Heavy-Duty
175 Travel Case for Flexion Distraction Device
50 Carrying Bag for Accessory
100 Logo on Table, Protective Cover or Travel Case