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Protective Cover

Away you go!

The Protective Cover provides lightweight, weather-resistant protection for the Tour & Sport portable tables when on the road or during storage.  Use with our customized Pull Cart for ease of transport.

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Standard Feature
  • Available for Tour & Sport portable tables
  • Black with Thuli Tables logo
  • Front Velcro closure
  • Shoulder Strap available on Sport & Junior Covers
  • Great for car travel (not sufficient for airline travel)
  • Use with Pull Cart for ease of transport


We build all products at our facility in Wisconsin. Ships within 3 business days.

The shipping cost and transit time varies with location.  Please contact us with your full delivery address and we will promptly provide you with a quote.

International Sales:   Our shipping cost does not include import duty and taxes, which are determined at the time of custom clearance.  Every country uses a different formula for calculating the import duty and taxes, which are based on the value of the products ordered.  These fees are payable to the shipping company prior to delivery.  Brokerage fees are included in the shipping cost, except for UPS Standard Service to Canada and US Postal Service shipments.


Protective Cover

$ 60Protective Cover
$ 30add Shoulder Strap to Sport Cover

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