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Airline Travel Case

Protected in the skies!

Off to a seminar?  Home for the holidays?  The Airline Travel Case protects the Tour & Sport portable tables during air travel.  Quick to load.  The colorful straps make identification easy at the airline luggage claim.  Add your logo for a personal touch!

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Standard Features
  • Available for Tour & Sport portable tables
  • Choice of Lightweight (corrugated plastic sleeve) or Heavy-Duty (ABS hard plastic sleeve)
  • Custom molded ABS plastic top and bottom caps, with recessed handle ports
  • Protective interior foam lining
  • Black color
  • Choice of strap colors (red, yellow, blue or black)
  • Use with Pull Cart for ease of transport
  • See User Guide below


The Tour in the Lightweight or Heavy Duty Travel Case weighs over 70 lbs. Check with your airline regarding luggage restrictions and surcharges. If desirable, you can easily remove the headpiece from the table and carry it in a separate luggage, which decreases the weight by 8 lbs (4 kgs).
Airline Check-In Weight (Lightweight Case)
  • Tour in Travel Case:  70- 72 lbs  (32 – 33 kgs), varies with table height
  • Tour Swing Away in Travel Case:  80 – 82 lbs  (36 – 37 kgs), varies with table height
  • Sport in Travel Case:  43 – 57 lbs  (20 – 26 kgs), varies with table options & height
Airline Check-In Weight (Heavy-Duty Case)
  • Tour in Travel Case:  77 – 79 lbs  (35 – 36 kgs), varies with table height
  • Sport in Travel Case:  50 – 64 lbs  (23 – 29 kgs), varies with tables options & height
Travel Case Weights
  • Lightweight:  9 lbs  (4 kgs)
  • Heavy-Duty:  16 lbs  (7 kgs)
Travel Case Dimensions
  • Tour Travel Case:  30” x 11” x 23”  (76 x 28 x 59 cm)
  • Sport Travel Case:  31” x 9” x 23”  (12 x 4 x 9 cm)


Case Colors


White (Tour only)
Strap Colors






Ships within 3 business days.

The shipping cost and transit time varies with location.  Please contact us with your full delivery address and we will promptly provide you with a quote.

International Sales:   Our shipping cost does not include import duty and taxes, which are determined at the time of custom clearance.  Every country uses a different formula for calculating the import duty and taxes, which are based on the value of the products ordered.  These fees are payable to the shipping company prior to delivery.  Brokerage fees are included in the shipping cost, except for UPS Standard Service to Canada and US Postal Service shipments.

ShipperUPS or DHL
Box sizeWith or without Tour:
30” x 11” x 24” (76 x 28 x 61 cm)
With or without Sport:
31.5” x 9.5” x 24” (12 x 4 x 9 cm)
Shipping Weight
Varies with table options
Travel Case with Portable Table (boxed):
Tour Lightweight:  74 – 76 lbs  (31 – 35 kgs)
Tour Heavy -Duty:  81 – 83 lbs  (33 – 36 kgs)
Sport Lightweight:  47 – 54 lbs  (21 – 25 kgs)
Sport Heavy -Duty:  61 – 68 lbs  (28 – 31 kgs)
Travel Case without Portable Table (boxed):
Lightweight: 13 lbs (6 kgs)
Heavy-Duty: 20 lbs (9 kgs)


AirLine Travel Case

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