Replacement Parts

All of our products have been engineered to require very little maintenance and designed so that most parts can be replaced by you, if necessary. We also provide service at our facility. When you become a Thuli Table owner, you receive a lifetime of friendly service and attention.

Vinyl Cleaning

Normal day to day soil on the vinyl upholstery can be removed with neutral soap and warm water followed by a thorough water rinse. Rinsing is important to clear all chemicals from the vinyl, which could otherwise cause premature deterioration. Avoid harsh detergents and powdered abrasives. Areas coming in contact with hair, body oils or perspiration should be washed frequently. Remove stains immediately to prevent the possibility of them becoming permanent. In the event of damage, pre-sewn replacement vinyl is available from Thuli Tables.

Vinyl Replacement

Pre-sewn vinyl is available for any section on your table ($25/section for a standard color). If you want to change the color of your table, now is the time! Replacing the vinyl on most of our tables is relatively easy. We also have tools available if needed.

Drop Mechanism Maintenance

Periodic lubrication of the drop mechanisms will insure smooth, crisp drops. We recommend that you use 3-IN-ONE oil after about 500 adjustments or once/month, whichever comes first. If the drops have not been lubricated on a regular basis, it is recommend to first clean the plungers using WD-40. See the Care & Maintenance PDF on each product page (located in the Reference Info tab).

Headpiece Flexion Slippage

If you notice that the headpiece is slipping, the piston mechanism may have collected dust and needs cleaning and lubricating.  While engaging the remote control lever (on all tables except the Sport), spray WD-40 into the slot where the cable meets the tabs on the piston shaft.  On Sport tables, there is no remote control lever – simply spray WD-40 into the slot on the piston shaft where you squeeze the tabs together.  For full penetration of the WD-40, operate the remote control lever (or squeeze the tabs on the Sport) several times.